Windows 10 default wallpaper file location free download.How to Locate and Use Windows 10’s Default Wallpapers

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Windows 10 default wallpaper file location free download

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In Windows 7 the wallpaper was usually found in %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\TranscodedWallpaper. In Windows 10 you will find it in %. By default, Windows 10 stores your wallpaper images in the “C:WindowsWeb” directory. You can access this directory very simply by clicking. › questions › path-to-current-desktop-backgrounds-in-wind. Navigate to the default background image location (C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper) and select the one you want to use. Windows 10 default. › where-desktop-lock-screen-wallpapers-are-stored-.❿

Windows 10 default wallpaper file location free download.Where is the folder of Windows 11/10 wallpapers!


The Windows 10 operating system comes with a set of wallpapers and the ability to refresh wallpapers regularly from a pool of images. The following guide provides users of Windows 10 with instructions on finding these wallpapers on the local system. Let’s say you want to use them on your other devices smartphone, TV, Xbox One or PS4 , or want to make a background image of the past the permanent background on the Windows 10 device. You need to know where to find these wallpapers, and that is the guide for that.

Even if you are an advanced user, there is a chance you may not know about it. You won’t find them in the Pictures folder, that’s for sure. This is not really an obvious place to find wallpapers, is it? One would think the folder is probably something related to the internet. The Web folder houses 3 sub-folders which are called: 4K, Screen, and Wallpaper. Surprisingly, all three folders have wallpapers and different ones at that.

The name is once again a bit misleading because the 4K folder also happens to contain the wallpaper in several other screen resolutions like x , x , x , x and x pixels. You may have noticed that the aspect ratios of the wallpaper differs, so you may want to select the one that matches your device’s display resolution. If it doesn’t match the screen size, you can always resize the wallpaper using a tool such as Irfan View , Fast Stone Photo Resizer , Flexxi , etc.

The second folder “Screen” contains photos which the operating system uses for its lock screen and log-on screen. That is probably why the folder is named “screen”. The Wallpaper folder has a number of sub-folders of its own: Windows and Windows 10, and then a number of folders based on past usage. You may have folders like landscapes, architecture, or flowers there. If you are a fan of macro photography and nature, you will probably dig what’s in the Flowers folder.

The Windows folder has one wallpaper, and that is the x pixels version of the default wallpaper. The Windows 10 folder on the other hand, contains some nice walls related to outdoor activities.

Another source of wallpapers are themes. These themes, you may install hundreds of them from the Microsoft Store, are not placed in the Web folder when you install them. Instead, they are placed in the user folder. Now that you know where to find the wallpapers, you can copy them to your other devices or maybe use it on a multi-monitor setup too. You can drop your own wallpapers in the folders in case you want to switch to a different one quickly from the Personalization section in the Settings app.

I have seen fan edited versions of the default wallpaper which look stunning. Some have different colors for the background while maintaining the art style, maybe you can create something similar with it if you are a graphics designer. Default is 5.

No single favorite but I still love all the Longhorn wallpapers from way back then and I put the whole collection of them on every computer I build for anyone. The old aspect ratio is now an issue of course.

This is good information, but I do not generally like Windows provided Wallpapers as their colors are usually too saturated and the number of colors used is too small. I prefer to store my customized images in Pictures, and use them as a source of lock screen and background images, as I change them frequently. If anything, these are locally stored image files. They are not downloaded automatically from the internets. I dislike wallpapers, so the first thing I do in any desktop is to change the background to be solid black.

Ok so i used my own picture as my background for my desk top. Allow your system to show hidden files and folders and It will show up in that directory listed above. Thanks for the information. A great help to me. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What is user folder on Windows 10? How to move the user folder to another drive?

In this post, we will walk you through detailed steps to move user folders. Some Windows 10 users want to use the Windows 10 Themes instead of the standard background pictures. Then you can find the Windows background picture location in the Themes folder. Microsoft often releases the Windows 10 theme pictures via the Microsoft Store. These themes include your favorite game, outdoor views, etc.

After a moment, the themes files or folder will be shown in the subdirectory and you can open the folders to find your desired themes. In addition to the above 2 methods, you can find the current Windows 10 wallpaper location via Registry Editor.

In the Registry Editor window, navigate to the following path from the left sidebar. Step 3. Find the value name Wallpaper and TranscodedImageCache from the right pane. Double click the 2 value key file, and then you will find the file path of your Windows wallpaper location and copy the Value data.

Step 4. Open your File Explorer, and then paste the location path that you copied in the search bar and hit Enter. Ariel is an enthusiastic IT columnist focusing on partition management, data recovery, and Windows issues. She has helped users fix various problems like PS4 corrupted disk, unexpected store exception error, the green screen of death error, etc.

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How to find the Wallpapers folder in Windows 10 and 11? › PC & Mobile › Devices › Windows. By default, Windows 10 stores your wallpaper images in the “C:WindowsWeb” directory. You can access this directory very simply by clicking. Where are the desktop backgrounds for Windows 10 saved? In fact, the Windows 10 default wallpaper location is: C:\Windows\Web. You can find 4K. › PC & Mobile › Devices › Windows. Windows 10’s default desktop wallpapers are stored in.❿

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