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I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistake Trending Authors. Nikola Tesla. Mineko Iwasaki. Yann Martel. Dinesh D’Souza. Harvey Fierstein. Karl Popper. Robert Crais. Julie Miller. Henry Petroski. Gertrude Chandler Warner. Noah Cicero. Mary Burton. Paul Rudnick. Mervyn Peake. Watergate was a puzzle and he was a collector of the pieces. No doubt any connoisseur, any collector , some bored old millionaire when he shows off his treasures, is seeking in your praise the resurrection and the life.

The true artist and the sane collector never will tolerate insincerity and impudence. Quote by Walter J. I shall become, I shall become a collector of me. And put meat on my soul. Her soul is clear of any red seals, but that won’t last long, ‘ cause Papa’s come to play.

If you’re wondering if you’re a collector , ask yourself two questions. Do I own too many records? Do my friends and family feel I own too many records? If your respective answers are No and Yes, you’re a Collector. Quote by Steve Almond. Things are not yet perfect, of course,’ sighed the Collector.

By combining our advances in science and in morality we have so obviously found the best way of doing things. Truth cannot be resisted! Er, that’s to say, not successfully,’ the Collector added as a round shot struck the corner of the roof and toppled one of the pillars of the verandah Quote by J.

New prejudices will serve as well as old ones to harness the great unthinking masses. For this enlightenment, however, nothing is required but freedom, and indeed the most harmless among all the things to which this term can properly be applied. It is the freedom to make public use of one’s reason at every point.

But I hear on all sides, ‘Do not argue! I don’t want to collect anything for myself right now. I really have to watch myself, especially around plants. Even now, just being here, I still get that collector feeling.

You know what I mean. I’ll see something and then suddenly I get that feeling. It’s like I can’t just have something – I have to have it and learn about it and grow it and sell it and master it and have a million of it. Jesus, I’ll bet you could find a lot of those. Quote by Susan Orlean. The recipe for becoming a good novelist, for example is easy to give but to carry it out presupposes qualities one is accustomed to overlook when one says ‘I do not have enough talent’.

One has only to make a hundred or so sketches for novels, none longer than two pages but of such distinctness that every word in them is necessary; one should write down anecdotes each day until one has learned how to give them the most pregnant and effective form; one should be tireless in collecting and describing human types and characters; one should above all relate things to others and listen to others relate, keeping one’s eyes and ears open for the effect produced on those present, one should travel like a landscape painter or costume designer; one should excerpt for oneself out of the individual sciences everything that will produce an artistic effect when it is well described, one should, finally, reflect on the motives of human actions, disdain no signpost to instruction about them and be a collector of these things by day and night.

They begin, not with the parts, but with the whole. Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche Writing. No, I don’t suppose I’m so much a collector sort of person. Like the collector , the photographer is animated by a passion that, even when it appears to be for the present, is linked to a sense of the past. I have some beautiful 20th-century drawings and a few paintings, but I’m not a collector , and I’m not particularly attached to objects. There is too little idea of personal responsibility; too much of “the world owes me a living,” forgetting that if the world does owe you a living, you must be your own collector.

She was a collector of lost souls. The forgotten, the bypassed, the most beautiful at heart. Rimmel saw beauty no one else saw, and even though how she made others feel was amazing, it was nothing compared to the way it made her shine. Quote by Cambria Hebert.

What an advantage that knowledge can be stored in books! The knowledge lies there like hermetically sealed provisions waiting for the day when you may need a meal. Surely what the Collector was doing as he pored over his military manuals, was proving the superiority of the European way of doing things, of European culture itself. This was a culture so flexible that whatever he needed was there in a book at his elbow. An ordinary sort of man, he could, with the help of an oil-lamp, turn himself into a great military engineer, a bishop, an explorer or a General overnight, if the fancy took him.

Quote by J. He has a very nice face and style, really,” said Mrs. Aristocratic,” replied Miss Petowker; “something very aristocratic about him, isn’t there? Quote by Charles Dickens Humor Satire.

A library represents the mind of its collector , his fancies and foibles, his strength and weakness, his prejudices and preferences. Particularly is this the case if, to the character of a collector , he adds – or tries to add – the qualities of a student who wishes to know the books and the lives of the men who wrote them. The friendships of his life, the phases of his growth, the vagaries of his mind, all are represented.

I write from real life. I am an unrepentant eavesdropper and a collector of stories. I record bits of overheard dialogue. Orna Davidzon : the avant-garde queen of private art collection My mum is a big collector of art. If you’re a devoted collector of design, you seek out objects you can love to live with but also live in. She was the curator of her marriage, collector of swift quotes and unremarked-upon sensations.

I like sneakers. I guess I could call myself a collector. Adam swallowed thickly. So all this was pointless. The Collective was going to win after all. He couldn’t breathe. He braced his hands on his knees as a devastating roar filled his head. Abigail clucked with her tongue. So arrogant. So self-important. You’ve gone and cast yourself as the hero. Do you really think this war is about you? Quote by Erin Kellison. The book borrower To a collector of curios, the dust is metadata. Clock time is our bank manager, tax collector , police inspector; this inner time is our wife.

Quote by Audrey Niffenegger. For my days vanish like smoke; my bones burn like glowing embers. My heart is blighted and withered like grass; I forget to eat my food. In my distress, I groan aloud and am reduced to skin and bones. I am like a desert owl, like an owl among the ruins. I am a collector of dolls and doll parts. I’m rarely creeped out by most dolls, either in real life or in literature, but I know many people who are. The basic function of the government everywhere in all times, whatever title it adopts and whatever its origin and organisation may be, is always that of oppressing and exploiting the masses, of defending the oppressors and the exploiters: and it’s principal, characteristic and indispensable instruments are the police agent and the tax- collector , the soldier and the gaoler – to whom must be invariably added the trader in lies, be he priest of schoolmaster, remunerated or protected by the government to enslave minds and make them docilely accept the yoke.

Every passion borders on chaos, that of the collector on the chaos of memory. Quote by Walter Benjamin. If you hear a good idea, capture it; write it down.

Don’t trust your memory. Then on a cold wintry evening, go back through your journal, the ideas that changed your life, the ideas that saved your marriage, the ideas that bailed you out of bankruptcy, the ideas that helped you become successful, the ideas that made you millions. What a good review-going back over the collection of ideas that you gathered over the years.

So be a collector of good ideas for your business, for your relationships, for your future. The route of the Christian is never clearly laid out beforehand. Like Matthew the tax collector , the disciple is simply called out. He is not immediately told where he is going, but he knows the One who has called and promises to walk with him.

Consequently the journey, although never easy, is joyous and fruitful. Quote by Lyle W. I’m not a guitar collector. I own some guitars because I play. If it were not for collector s England would be full, so to speak, of rare birds and wonderful butterflies, strange flowers and a thousand interesting things.

But happily the collector prevents all that, either killing with his own hands or, by buying extravagantly, procuring people of the lower classes to kill such eccentricities as appear.

Eccentricity, in fact, is immorality–think over it again if you do not think so now–just as eccentricity in one’s way of thinking is madness I defy you to find another definition that will fit all the cases of either ; and if a species is rare it follows that it is not Fitted to Survive. The collector is after all merely like the foot soldier in the days of heavy armour-he leaves the combatants alone and cuts the throats of those who are overthrown.

So one may go through England from end to end in the summer time and see only eight or ten commonplace wild flowers, and the commoner butterflies, and a dozen or so common birds, and never be offended by any breach of the monotony. Quote by H. Wells Birds Butterflies England Flowers. I was sick of the body count that existed around my family. It seemed statistically that eventually the body count would include my family. One advantage of a solar collector in space: It would be some kind of origami thing that would unfold and be relatively light because it doesn’t have gravity to deal with.

Destinies, are like roads. Relationships are much like destinies. Therefore, relationships are like roads. Some roads are circular. They start at one spot and end in the same. Some roads fork and force. Their travelers to choose which way to go.

Some roads go great distances. And then there are those that end abruptly. Who is to say that a short road is less meaningful than a long? I’m at like pairs right now, give or take. But I’ve given away about pairs of sneakers. I’m not as big of a collector as I used to be, because I think the game just got weird. Everybody likes to collect now, so it’s kind of corny.

But I got the essentials. Quote by Wale Game Weird Corny. In languages with a garbage collector GC , the GC keeps track and cleans up memory that isn’t being used anymore, and we don’t need to think about it.

Without a GC, it’s our responsibility to identify when memory is no longer being used and call code to explicitly return it, just as we did to request it. Doing this correctly has historically been a difficult programming problem. If we forget, we’ll waste memory. If we do it too early, we’ll have an invalid variable. If we do it twice, that’s a bug too. We need to pair exactly one allocate with exactly one free. Rust takes a different path: the memory is automatically returned once the variable that owns it goes out of scope.

I was 16 before I met another passionate collector. One summer, I visited England; a new friend took me calling on his dotty, brilliant old aunt. She occupied a quaint house in Kent. Its walls were lined with glass-fronted cases full of what? Ancient shoe buckles. I am obsessed with books. I am a book collector. Sometimes he wakes so far from himself that he can’t even remember who he is. Who am I? You are my oldest, dearest friend. You’re the son of Harold Stein and Julia Altman.

You live in SoHo. You volunteer for an arts organization; you volunteer for a food kitchen. You’re a baker. You’re a cook. You’re a reader. You have a beautiful voice, though you never sing anymore. You’re an excellent pianist. You’re an art collector. You write me lovely messages when I’m away. You’re patient. You’re generous. You’re the best listener I know. You’re the smartest person I know, in every way.

You’re the bravest person I know, in every way. You’re the chair of the litigation department at Rosen Pritchard and Klein. You love your job; you work hard at it. You’re a logician. You’ve tried to teach me, again and again. You came out on the other end. You were always you. The two Reds crewing the old trash collector are giving us a countdown. Sometimes you can’t be what you ought to be, you can’t have what you ought to have.

Friedrich Nietzsche. Jane Austen. Sherrilyn Kenyon. Oscar Wilde. William Shakespeare. Rick Riordan. Terry Pratchett. Haruki Murakami. Stephen King. Paulo Coelho. Trending Authors. Carl linnaeus. Robert Penn Warren. Du Bois. George MacDonald Fraser. Harpo Marx.

Lilian Jackson Braun. Maria Shriver. Ellen Gilchrist. The Twelfth Card Jeffery Deaver. The Steel Kiss Jeffery Deaver. The Burial Hour Jeffery Deaver. Review Text Praise for Jeffery Deaver : show more.

If you want thrills, Deaver is your man. About Jeffery Deaver Jeffery Deaver is an international number-one bestselling author. His novels have appeared on bestseller lists around the world. His books are sold in countries and translated into twenty-five languages.

The author of more than forty novels, three collections of short stories and a nonfiction law book, and a lyricist of a country-western album, he’s received or been shortlisted for dozens of awards. Lifetime aired an adaptation of his The Devil’s Teardrop. Visit his website, www. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

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