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Microsoft teams rooms console app download

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As part of your wider deployment, we recommend that you follow the guidance in Prepare your network for Teams for bandwidth planning and assessing your network’s suitability for real-time traffic. Depending on the collaboration scenarios that you’ve decided to enable with your Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment, you’ll need to determine the features and capabilities that you assign to each Microsoft Teams Rooms that you enable.

If using Azure Active Directory, consider using a dynamic group to automatically add and remove resource accounts from the group. Define one organizational unit in your on-premises Active Directory hierarchy to hold all Microsoft Teams Rooms machine accounts if they’re joined to the domain and one organizational unit to hold all the Microsoft Teams Rooms user accounts. Disable Group Policy inheritance to ensure that you apply only the policies you intended to apply to the domain-joined Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Create a Group Policy object assigned to the organization unit that contains your Microsoft Teams Rooms computer accounts. Use this to:. You can use PowerShell to perform several remote management activities, including getting and setting configuration information. PowerShell remoting must be enabled before any PowerShell remote management can take place and should be considered as part of your deployment processes or configured via Group Policy.

For more information about these capabilities and enabling them, see Maintenance and operations. Each Microsoft Teams Rooms device requires a dedicated and unique resource account that must be enabled for both Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business, and Exchange. This account must have a room mailbox hosted on Exchange. Calendar processing must be configured so that the device can automatically accept incoming meeting requests.

Enter the system password. Select Peripherals from the left pane. Tap Save and Exit to go back to the main control window. Click the Devices tab. Select the TCC2 mic to open its properties.

Click the Ethernet tab to configure its IP address, and then click Save. Click the Audio tab. The Source Detection section shows the current focus of the TCC2 automatic beam-steering, which can be tracked in real time.

Click Edit to manually configure vertical and horizontal exclusion zones, which prevents detection of noise and sounds in these zones — for example, from ceiling-mounted AC vents, projector fans, doors, and credenzas. Dante receive : Select the appropriate Dante device and channel for the microphone.

Dante transmit : To send audio back to the microphone as a reference, specify a unique channel name for this purpose. Then, use Dante Controller software to route that channel from the Core back to the microphone. For now, you can leave this set to the room controls sample UCI. Follow the instructions to fine-tune the audio settings for your specific room. At the end of the process, save the settings. This generates a Webhook message that commissioning is complete for the room.

Disconnect from the running Teams Sample Design F7. From the navigation pane, click User Control Interfaces. Click to create a new UCI. Add controls to the UCI. From the navigation pane, select your UCI name. The target device will run as an appliance and the default user will be set to only run the Microsoft Teams Rooms app.

If the target device will be installed in a dock e. Boot to the USB setup disk. Refer to the manufacturer instructions. After the system has shut down, it is safe to remove the USB setup disk. At this point, you can place the target device in its dock if using a dock-based product , attach the peripherals needed for your meeting room, and connect to the network. See Prerequisites for Microsoft Store for Business and Education to verify that the room console will be able to access the store and self-update.

The following instructions work only for consoles created using Windows Creator’s Update Windows 10 20H1 or later. The User Account screen appears. Enter the Microsoft Exchange Resource account sign-in address in user domain format of the room account to be used with the console.

Select the supported meeting mode – Microsoft Teams Only, Skype for Business Only, or one of the two mixed-mode options. If necessary, enable Modern Authentication. The Microsoft Teams Rooms app should signing in to Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business Server with the credentials entered above, and should also begin syncing its calendar with Exchange using those same credentials.

Microsoft Teams Rooms relies on the presence of certified console hardware. Even a correctly created image containing the Microsoft Teams Rooms console app will not boot past the initial setup procedure unless the console hardware is detected. For Surface Pro based solutions, the Surface Pro must be connected to its accompanying dock hardware to pass this check.

This is same feature as in Teams desktop client. The setting allows admins can turn this off by specifying 0 for NoiseSuppressionDefault setting. Downloaded logs on the device can consume disk space and if not regular cleaned can cause issues for normal functioning of the room.

Teams rooms now cleans up downloaded logs after 30 days. IT admin can override download folder clean up on device through this registry setting. More info is available here. Teams rooms can now join Teams meeting hosted on another cloud anonymously using web client embedded in Teams rooms client similar to direct guest join for third party meetings.


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This issue was addressed in Windows 10 version Through necessity employees were required to work…. Select Layout in the meeting controls and select a view. Education Sector. The process below is for creating installation media to image new Microsoft Teams Rooms devices. Download Microsoft Edge More info.


Microsoft teams rooms console app download – Prepare the installation media

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